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NOW I Remember Who Minas Is… and I think this may be my last post ever here.

Published to the old man’s blog.

…1997-1998? Miguel? OH HO! I think I finally remember you now. I couldn’t put the faces from my memories together but I think I remember you. You were that big unhappy-looking middle-aged fellow who hung around with the skinny guy (you two were really good buddies, it seems) and used to try to do the compline by yourselves right? You guys would like light up like 50 candles for a reader service and mostly show up on the weekdays?

You’re THAT guy, aren’t you?

What the hell are you doing making up stuff about my dead father for? What’s wrong with you? Aren’t you a senior citizen now? Seriously? I see Minas is finally trolling women his own age. Explains the Joanna connection too. It’s like Senior Mingle for trolls!

Good grief. I have children a few years away from the age of the Joseph Mahomond-Suaiden you met at St Vladimir’s. Looking back you were probably jealous of the youth you saw around you as the look on your face was the look of a man whose life had gone by.

Congratulations on finally having children yourself in your late 50’s. Should be more than enough consolation that you did something more than staring blithely at the youth around you on that bench outside the Church, with chickens in the background.

Thanks for making me feel young again, old man. I guess it’s true what they say about unmasked trolls. They’re a lot smaller in real life.

I’ll let you get back to photoshopping people’s wives now. Talk about being ungrateful to God for the life you have. Damn.

Your whole half-decade of trolling has just become a cosmic joke to me. I’d keep laughing, but all I hear is this in my head at this point. Have a nice life.


So Minas Needs to Drop His Memes on Rdr Nathan and Pay $7,500 By Wednesday?

Enjoy, Minas. I can think of no one more deserving than you.

lawsuitnote1lawsuit2 Took me a sec to get the pics of the lawsuit! In a bit of sick irony, Minas has his spewing on other people’s private and copyrighted pictures right-click protected by a copyright protection scheme.

It’s important, y’know, when you steal other people’s private pictures to humiliate them that you make sure to try to copyright it.

Oh, and P.S. To Joanna Higginbotham: No, I’ve never sued anyone, nor have I threatened to sue anyone except Minas. I believe attacking people’s families and trying to humiliate them by putting up private pictures online is the mark of human dirt.

Lies, lies and more lies: Why the Remnant Refugees Love Lies

Soviet types love lies.

Some of their favorite lies about me, answered simply:

1) My dad was a Muslim. Not only was he not a Muslim, he wasn’t anything when it came to religion. He lived as an agnostic whose father was Muslim and whose mother was Catholic. Because of the mixed religious values, the children weren’t raised with any religion. As to why I keep using past tense, my dad has passed on.

2) I was Muslim. I was born and raised a Roman Catholic (my mother is a devout Catholic), and was baptized at St Brendan’s Church, Brooklyn NY, at the late age of 5. I left for Orthodoxy at the age of 22. It’s all I’ve been since.

3) Minas met me as a teenager. This is incorrect. He met me between the ages of 22 and 23, the two years I was a catechumen at St Vladimir’s ROCOR parish in Miami, FL. I frankly remember little of meeting him.

4) I cyber-stalked somebody in 1999. This is perhaps the most egregious lie, because it implies I did something criminal. Not only did I not do this, I was friends with the victims of the cyber-stalking at the time. Not only that, I was being cyber-stalked by these people as well! By the way, Minas, the “[name deleted]” is actually Victor Prentice and/or Colin James III, who were in fact eventually successfully sued by an Anglican priest– with the support of the dozens of people these people bothered, including me— for stalking and harassment. But you just go on believing it’s me, Minas, facts be damned.

5) After cyber-stalking, I fled to Russia because the RCMP wanted to arrest me. This is pretty impressive in its stupidity, even for Minas. I lived in Russia between 2004 and 2006. Obviously, if I was “cyber-stalking” in 1999 and had the Mounties after me– a U.S. Citizen, which means this would have been an international crime— why on earth would I, criminal mastermind that I am, wait five years to “flee to Russia”?

Most of the other lies I’ve answered somewhere else here, so I’m not going to waste time regurgitating answers. But these seem consistent, like they actually believe the lies they’re spouting, so I’ll just kill’em dead here. If we can get them to just stop lying on a regular basis, at least some good will have been accomplished. At the very least, stop lying about the dead. They don’t have the luxury of self-defense.

Lies about my marriage from Minas Christie

Another false claim from Minas– that I and my wife had “left our Orthodox spouses to be together”:


Three years, however are between my separation and my wife’s separation, during which we never met, nor did we even know each other. The reasons? None of Minas’ business. However, the fact is, we didn’t “leave our Orthodox spouses to be together.” Of course, Minas knows that.

And of course, Minas is lying, because lying is what Minas does.

Hey Look: the Crankies Support the Heretical Gregory Luriye’s version of “ROAC”! Because they’re giant heretics

Enjoy cleaning that website, Crankies.
Enjoy cleaning that website, Crankies. Hope you’re not stupid enough to double down on this one. I’m trying to help you.

Apparently, in my Synod’s dealings with Raphael of Moscow, who has allegedly (he’s saying he had nothing to do with it ) signed on with the Imyabozhist heretics under Gregory Luriye, a defrocked “priest” of ROAC (and later “bishop” who started a fake “ROAC”) who promotes a cult of suicide through and “Vertograd”, the ROCOR Refugees have endorsed their lying “history” (publications that the the so-called “ROCOR refugees” have repeatedly promoted, even when they attacked their OWN BISHOPS) in their quest to discredit me. And not just me, every other jurisdiction on earth– except Gregory Lurie’s, strangely– as well as my Bishop, and a guy I never met who’s probably a saint, but hey. Follow that heresiarch!

I wonder if these people know what “Imyabozhie” is. It’s the belief that God’s Name is God’s Energy. Hence, when you pronounce His Name, you are literally “sounding out” God Himself. Conveniently and automatically bringing Him down faster than a priest sanctifies communion. (That’s the basis of the title of the article you quoted. You. Morons.) That’s a basic tenet of many forms of Pantheism. There IS NO “ORTHODOX VERSION”. It’s heresy. St Tikhon condemned it. The pre-Revolution Russian Synod condemned it. Constantinople, before the rise of ecumenism, condemned it. Metr Anthony and the ROCOR condemned it. And finally (though they refuse to believe this) St Philaret condemned it, when some nobody Western monk said “we’d like to name our monastery after the Holy Name” and the Saint said “if there is a feast, this is fine, but remember the warnings of the Holy Synods to avoid heresy”. And then that monk went home. And 36 years later, a heretic obsessed with destroying True Orthodoxy convinced his brother in Russia to sign onto his pantheism-disguised-as-Orthodoxy, and now we’re here.

So these people have actually not only condemned me, my Synod, and ROAC, which excommunicated the heretics, and basically all the Orthodox in the world, they have done so for years. Why?

What does that say? Why defend and promote heretics? Maybe it’s time to investigate them. 



Minas’ “Private” Slanders Against Me Public Again: The Annotated Version, Part One.

As mentioned earlier, I finally got access to a website that the Cranky Yankees had installed to privately slander me. So now, I’m creating a post using the handy mouse-over feature so that our readers can compare Minas’ lies to the truth, in a whole new and fun way! It’s like “pop up slander refutation”!

How does it work, you ask? I’ll tell you. Put your mouse pointer over this word and watch what happens:


Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Re: Minas Christie, Stalker Extraordinaire

No, that’s not me, it’s Joe Suaiden. I have used as the title for this post the exact same title used by Mr. Suaiden’s in his most recent slanderous ROCOR REFUGEE’S-OR JUST CRANKY YANKEE’S posting about me, I thought it only fitting. I will address the allegations made there in sections taken from the post. If your interested in reading it in it’s glorious entirety you may find it here

My first encounter with Minas was unexpected. Apparently, as a catechumen, I met this guy in Miami

Yes, I met this 17-18 yr. old man-child  in the St. Vladimir ROCOR church parish hall, I believe it must have been about 1997-98. It was early evening and I’m not sure why I entered the hall but I unexpectedly encounter  him. He was laying on the floor and quickly jumped up to introduce himself. He said he was a friend of the priests oldest son, a friendship he had later denied, and that he was given permission to stay there a few days. He said he didn’t get along at home with his Hispanic Roman Catholic mother and his Arabic Muslim father and was asked to move out. I still wonder why they would have done that to this charming cocky know it all teenager.
 “he felt years later that he could anonymously introduce himself to my wife as “a dog, a big dog”
This is true, sort of, I’ll explain. I had just gotten on Facebook and I did I guess, now that he reminds me, introduce myself as a big dog. I used that name on the FB profile however I didn’t know at first that I was addressing his wife. While speaking to a mutual acquaintance one day I asked him if this guy, JS, was one in the same as the JS I had once met in Miami a few years earlier (I had encountered JS online before, he had a comic book appreciation blog or some other such nonsense). He made a little laugh and said, “yea, that’s him, that’s Sauiden”. So now, new to FB I see two profiles side by side, with the same profile photo “Orthodoxy Or Death” logo. One was for Xenia Suaiden, the other one for JS.
Mistakenly,  I PM’d XS instead of JS, and I, thinking it was JS,  jokingly introduce myself as a big dog.
“and began sending messages to my wife saying “I know your husband”, and trying to talk to her.”
I didn’t begin sending her messages. . I did say I know your husband after she started cursing me and I was trying to explain the mix up but she would have none of it. About that time JS got on and also started cursing me.
“I basically didn’t really know too many people. Regardless, I found the strange requests offensive”
I kept trying to explain who I was and where I knew him and trying to apologize for my mix up but they would have none of it so I again apologized as they were ranking at me and I signed off.

 “How do I know this was Minas? Well, that’s the really amazing part. He told me.”
True, I did tell him. I was doing work for him on his NFTU website. You see, before I became aware of his narcissistic self serving nature, his jurisdictional ecumenism agenda and his vagante and un-canonical status as a Milan Synod deacon. (He was ordained a deacon against church canons having been previously married and divorced with a child after being baptized Orthodox, as was his second wife Xenia also divorced with three children. Perhaps I’ll get into that more on another future post). Getting back to why I told him it was me years later. I had been sending him news tips for quite some time and it was his wife who contacted asking me to please be a part of their staff. For some reason I hadn’t realize just what she was asking at the time and I accepted her offer for help. When I realized that they wanted me to actually have access to posting directly using the NFTU dashboard and being on staff I was a bit surprised yet since I had already accepted I thought I may as well go along with it and help them. Which I did, believe me I did, too much. I was doing most of the legwork on their NFTU for a long time, for free, while they used their new found free time to make other blogs and who knows what. I admit I wanted to clear up the air with what was said years earlier on Facebook and really deep down I was kind of hoping they would still be angry about it so I would have a good excuse to stop working for them. Suaiden had gotten comfortable with me and began treating me as some kind of paid employee, talking down to me as if he were my employer who I should fear because he provided my income. However when I did tell him it was me in the FB message he just laughed about it and said not to worry, he understood, accepting my explanation. Of course he did, he wouldn’t want to lose his workhorse over a misunderstanding. So, I continued to serve this jerk for a while longer.
“Minas was apparently embroiled in a fight in the Kimisis parish of the GOC-Kallinikos in Florida where he had been slandering the parish board– he referred to it in conversation with me as “the Kimisis (sic) mafia”– on (surprise!) anonymous Facebook accounts”
This part is really laughable. Yes I did refer to the parish board as the Kimissis mafia ( I’m not the only one there that had used that term) in a conversations with him. But, the part that I said this to him on a anonymous FB accounts is a total lie, hogwash to put it gently. where does he come up with this stuff ? Oh yea, it’s JS. BTW, how do you tell if he’s lying ? Easy, he’s moving his lips or his fingers across his keyboard of course.

“About a month after the dog incident, Minas became a frequent and commenter on NFTU, and wanted to reach out to me personally.” 
Total lie ! As I said, it was years later that I related to him it was me. Also, as I said, I had been sending him news items for articles (and comments from time to time). His wife is the one who reached out to me to help them. BTW, something funny, after I broke with them JS made a posting on the asking for volunteers which read “Hungry Dogs Wanted to help on the NFTU news team” Another funny thing,he had related to me that he felt his NFTU was in some sort of competition with them for readers and if I had any idea’s how we could best them. Later, he managed to somehow talk the Ecafe owner to allow him to provide links to his articles on their sidebar. Ecafe already had Portal Credo on their sidebar. After NFTU got on they were both on it for a while, then Portal Credo disappeared from it altogether, another coup for JS. Now, it can be said since JS got his hooks in it and the lack of interest shown to it by the owner, other than to list it on his resume, that and the current moderators who have made it very tribal with it’s private forums, that the site has really gone downhill as far as it’s importance as a True Orthodox message board is concerned. You could say JS is now a not so silent partner.

Now wasn’t that fun, guys? I know it was for me. Getting the truth out in new and creative ways is just always interesting to me. Till next chapter, ta ta!

P.S. Oh, the Refugees were wondering who the “true Russian” was?

Just an FYI

Anything coming from this Google account:

It’s not me. It’s Minas Christie with a fake Google account (I have no personal Google account, or email.) In addition to lying about me and trying to make me out to be a cyber criminal, they’re relying on impersonation! (If I’m right about their false information, that’d be bitterly ironic).

Still, this is to be expected. It may end in court, it may end in their ecclesiastical judgment, but either way… I’ll sleep like a baby.