NOW I Remember Who Minas Is… and I think this may be my last post ever here.

Published to the old man’s blog.

…1997-1998? Miguel? OH HO! I think I finally remember you now. I couldn’t put the faces from my memories together but I think I remember you. You were that big unhappy-looking middle-aged fellow who hung around with the skinny guy (you two were really good buddies, it seems) and used to try to do the compline by yourselves right? You guys would like light up like 50 candles for a reader service and mostly show up on the weekdays?

You’re THAT guy, aren’t you?

What the hell are you doing making up stuff about my dead father for? What’s wrong with you? Aren’t you a senior citizen now? Seriously? I see Minas is finally trolling women his own age. Explains the Joanna connection too. It’s like Senior Mingle for trolls!

Good grief. I have children a few years away from the age of the Joseph Mahomond-Suaiden you met at St Vladimir’s. Looking back you were probably jealous of the youth you saw around you as the look on your face was the look of a man whose life had gone by.

Congratulations on finally having children yourself in your late 50’s. Should be more than enough consolation that you did something more than staring blithely at the youth around you on that bench outside the Church, with chickens in the background.

Thanks for making me feel young again, old man. I guess it’s true what they say about unmasked trolls. They’re a lot smaller in real life.

I’ll let you get back to photoshopping people’s wives now. Talk about being ungrateful to God for the life you have. Damn.

Your whole half-decade of trolling has just become a cosmic joke to me. I’d keep laughing, but all I hear is this in my head at this point. Have a nice life.


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